Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tomorrow is the day! 
Hello everyone! So tomorrow is the day I start my workout routine and diet. I decided to wake up extra early in the morning and utilize my apt gym, finally! It was the reason I wanted to move to these apt and Ive been here for about 6 months and used it once. Its starting tomorrow! No if ands or buts! But before I begin my quest for my ideal weight, I going to scarf down this delicious pizza! Now if you guys will excuse me, I'm going to eat this pizza, wallow in my sorrows then get some sleep for tomorrows workout! Wish me luck! and good luck to you all on your New years resolutions!!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Liv's sick!

My poor baby is sick today and all last night. I think she might have Croup. I bought cough syrup but I'm not sure if that is exactly what she needs.

Croup (or laryngotracheobronchitis) is a respiratory condition that is usually triggered by an acute viral infection of the upper airway. The infection leads to swelling inside the throat, which interferes with normal breathing and produces the classical symptoms of a "barking" coughstridor, and hoarseness. It may produce mild, moderate, or severe symptoms, which often worsen at night.

So Im going to see if she worsens and if it does I have to go get that oral steroid they mentioned on wikipedia. You guys pray for livie. Last night was horrible. Also let me know if you guys have any cough remedies!? I tried a steam shower last night to soothe the inflammation but I want to know more home remedies to try. Anyway its smother livie with TLC today for us. See ya next time! xx BM