Saturday, November 5, 2011

I Left my heart in San francisco....

Who loves a good art show??
Me me meeee!
So this weekend I was up in San Francisco at Project ONE Supporting my friend Mani who i went to fashion school with. He is such an awesome designer and artist. This was my second show Ive been to of his, extremely fun and the crowd is awesome! Plus its only a wine bar, and they don't call me chardonnay for no reason! Oh wait i don't think Ive mentioned that to you guys :-/n Anyway What i love most about art is that when you look at a piece of art, what do you perceive? The cool thing is that everyone see's something different. They see something relatable to their own lives. So i love asking my friends, what do you see? Its amazing what people come up with! You guys should really try it sometime! In conclusion, get out there in the world and go experience art! What do you have to lose? xx Michelle