Wednesday, November 14, 2012

"Adaption" is the theme of this Fashion show!

3 words to describe my bestfriend xelas military inspired line.
Daring, sexy, and refreshing!
My bf and I attended the "adaption" fashion show that was held at The Green Festival in Sf.  Great food, organic lifestyle info and a great beer garden! lol
A bit about my girlfriend xela (zela),well I met her In San Fran while we were attending fashion school together. We were roommates and great friends! I absolutely love this girl and am incredibly proud of everything she's accomplished. She is so talented and inspires me to stay connected to the fashion world as much as possible! Just look at her reconstructed garments and see for yourself. A vlog will be up soon on my channel but heres what I captured with my camera!

What do you guys think? I think she's pretty f'n amazing! Pardon my french! Anyway keep a look out for the vlog and meet xela in person! Also check out her blog, your gonna love it ladies!!
 Muah! xxMichelle

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I get so many questions or statements from you lovely people asking what you should look for when you get to a store. Saying its too overwhelming. I know exactly what you mean! Ive been there, its no fun and super frustrating. 
So here is my little secret to you! Before you go shopping, look up current trends that you love. Write them down. See a picture in a magazine? Get a note book and draw what you see! Watch runway videos on youtube. Follow fashion blogs... Then when you go shopping, you'll see something you remembered in that video, on someone else blog or in a magazine. Grab it and try it on! Mix and match. Soon you'll realize that shopping isn't that overwhelming after all :-)
Just be prepared, do research and go have fun!!