Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Baseball game w/ friends!

Baseball game & Karaoke night with friends!

Sorry the pics are horrible quality!
*I Just love the atmophere at a baseball game. I dont really follow sports nor did we care if the team won or not, its the time spent there with friends and family! It was a perfect day, the weather was 81 degrees, the sun was setting and we all had some sort of alcoholic beverage in hand and of course nachos! I swear the whole day we didnt stop laughing! The night didnt end there. We all carried the party to a local bar by my house. Literally danced all night, well till 2am. Ashton and I killed it in karaoke then  left for home. I suggest everyone atleast experience one night at a ball game and atleast sing at karaoke, doesnt matter if your tone deaf! What do you have to lose!?

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  1. Hello Michelle!
    I love your yt videos! I just discovered you have a blog, yeay, I hope you're going to post frequently! I'm following you :)
    Big kiss from Italy
    xx Sonja